What are backups?

Backups are a physical copy of all files, virtual server files, and databases to a secondary location for preservation in case of any form of failure. Backups are automatically taken virtual server account and then are physically saved on the space provided for your virtual server account.

Full backup vs. Incremental Backups?

We run 2 forms of virtual server backups, full backups, and incremental backups.

Full Backup:
This backup takes a snapshot of the exact settings, directory, and database.
Incremental Backup:
This backup only contains files that have changed or been added since the last full backup.

Are backups calculated into my disk space?

Backups are not calculated into disk space in our virtual hosted plans. For backup information regarding dedicated servers, please contact support.

When are backups Taken?

Backups are taken every 24 hours at a time in which the servers are receiving their lowest traffic statics (typically very early morning). Full Backups run only once a week.

What is the difference between Local Backups and Remote Backups?

Local Backups are saved on the same server that your virtual server is located. Offsite or Cloud backups are saved offsite on a specific backup server and offer's the high level of redundancy.

I am having problems with my web application how do I restore a backup?

As a managed hosting provider we will support you with all backup needs. Please contact support for a VS resort and or submit a support ticket.

Fullsail Systems Disaster Recovery Plan?

FullSail Systems has several levels of redundancy to protect data from major catastrophes.

Virtual Server Level
Local Backups / offsite Backups
Server Level
Server Snap Shots / Offsite Backups
Data Center Level
Server Backup