Onboarding Conditions

Estimated time for Onboarding Completion

Our onboarding completion times can vary.

You can find the estimated times during the checkout process labeled as:

*** The estimated time for the On-Boarding Process to be completed is currently: XX Weeks

We do our best to meet the estimation, however, in more complex site setups it can take longer. In the event that we find that this process can exceed our estimations, a support representative will notify you via email.

Please remember that we can only begin the process after:

  1. you have provided FullSail Systems with all the required information from our onboarding system (additional information can be found here)
  2. your content has been uploaded to our onboarding system
  3. and, FullSail Systems has completed the vetting process


The estimated completion time is dependent on your active participation and timely replies to our emails. Please respond as quickly as possible to take full advantage of our estimated onboarding times.
If we don't receive a reply from you within 24 hours then the onboarding process will enter a state of "paused” and the estimated onboarding time is no longer applicable. We, of course, will do our best to meet !!! the estimated onboarding completion time.

Client Data and Disk Usage

FullSail Systems storage via the onboarding system is very specific to the hosting system.

We request that you keep a backup of all of your data during the onboarding process

We will confirm that the data we receive for the onboarding process meets FullSail System data center requirements. There is a chance that our team will remove backup files during the onboarding process.

FullSail Systems cannot be held responsible for data that is lost during transfer, database transfer, or any other unforeseen events - Please keep backups of all information sent to FullSail Systems Onboarding Team

Technical Requirements

FullSail Systems recommends that your web application remains live on your current host while we work through the onboarding process.

  1. This ensures that your web application can be accurately compared
  2. We will run scans for any hacked applications

Responsive Sites:
FullSail Systems only guarantees the onboarding of the desktop version of your web application. Typically the responsive version (i.e. for mobile or tablet devices) of your web application is not affected.

High Volume Sites Related to Cut-Over

If your web application is classified "high-volume" additional steps will be taken to reduce downtime. We also might require a short downtime so that transactions cannot be processed while your web application is being migrated.

No Guarantee

While we’ll strive to do our best during the onboarding process, please note that a perfect result is not guaranteed. We cannot manage the possible small issues with the content, code, or structure of your web application. We aren’t able to address every single inconsistency resulting from the onboarding process. This is a process that’s manually performed by our team, and we’ll do our very best to get things working for you!


If we do not hear from you after 7 days from an information request, FullSail Systems will consider the onboarding process as "non-responsive” and the onboarding process will be canceled. Your uploaded files will be held for 30 days after the file upload date in order to facilitate future reinstatement of the onboarding process.

Applicable Terms

Please note that all of FullSail Systems General Terms and Conditions of Service apply to you and your account after the onboarding process.

Notice of Modification

FullSail Systems reserves the right to modify or cancel these terms at any time.

Your continued use of this service after modifications have been made constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.