4 Week Risk-Free Offer

What is the 4 Week Risk-Free Offer?

We understand that you need your web application online and performing at its best in order to achieve your goals. The FullSail Systems “4 Weeks Risk-Free” allows you to test drive our infrastructure and evaluate our capabilities before making long term commitment.

How to qualify for the Risk-Free Offer?

  • You need would need to pay your "Pro Rata" Invoice in your first invoice.
  • You must have an official email address at your own service-related domain. Communications from free email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. would not be accepted for security reasons.

How does the Risk-Free Offer work?

  • By paying your "Pro Rata" amount, our system will generate you a VS and our team will begin the Vetting Process.
  • The Risk-Free Trial begins after the Vetting process when you receive the confirmation notification by us.
  • (If you are using the Onboarding System) You must upload your data and our Onboarding team will perform the Onboarding process and launch your web application as fast as possible.

What are the Terms & Conditions of the Risk-Free Offer?

  • It is not common; however; during the onboarding process if it is shown that your web application needs “Adjustments” which are out of the ordinary the “4 Week Risk-Free” offer can be adjusted from 4 weeks down to the duration of 2 Weeks to support that additional workload that would be required to launch your web application.
  • The Risk-Free offer begins upon confirmation of your order. This is defined by the confirmation notification that FullSail Systems has accepted your VS request. This acceptance follows the FullSail Systems Vetting Process required for all new client, accounts, and web applications.
  • If you have chosen to utilize the “Onboarding Service“ the Onboarding Conditions will apply only after the "4 Week Risk-Free" offer expires; unless a web application “adjustment” has been made. In this case, the claim above will be followed.
  • FullSail Systems Legal Policies supersede all conditions of the Risk-Free Offer. Legal Information for FullSail Systems can be found at https://fullsailsystems/legal