What happens in the case of an outage?

Outages are grouped mainly into two categories:

  • Planned outages due to scheduled maintenance or scheduled downtimes (see also our "Maintenance" section)
  • Unplanned outages due to severe network issues, hardware failures, up-stream service outages or in the rare case server issues.

What do these outage types mean to me?

In the unlikely case of an outage, we would like you to check first our "Status & Notification" area in order to double-check what outage type you are currently facing.

  • If you find information about downtime that falls under the category of "planned outage" and there is nothing you need to do.
  • In the unlikely case that you suffer from an unplanned outage which is not yet reported via the "Status & Notification" area, you can either create a support ticket with us or give us a call to get confirmation that we are already working on the issue.

An outage can be also caused by severe issues on the internet layer like a major hub disruption which is outside management of FulllSail Systems. However, for prevention of server downtimes, our premium hosting packages also offer add-on service like "AlwaysUp" or "LoadBalancing" which again reduces the probability of a server downtime drastically.

Please let us know if you have extra-ordinary requirements in regards to service availabilities.