Vetting Process

What is the FullSail Systems Vetting Process?

After a prospect has signed up for a hosting package with us we will actively vet the web presence.

This we do for various reasons but most importantly for security. We want to ensure that our servers will not be compromised to protect you and also your neighbors in the FSS architecture. FSS takes this seriously because our clients share top-level server environments. Therefore we do not allow the misuse of any virtual server that will compromise the entire community.

All prospects are treated fairly but must comply with our server environment standards.

Here are some quick processes which determine reference points which are deemed incompatible:

Process Reference Points
Content Scan Content containing:
  • Illegal products, services, and/or activities based on your local, national and/or International laws
  • Illegal products, services, and/or activities based on hosting server location in accordance with local, national, and/or International laws
  • Pornographic Material
  • Or content can compromise the integrity for the FullSail Systems Brand
Check Technology Technology that does not meet
  • Our software packages requirements
  • Is "out-of-date" or "unsupported"
  • Is not supported by our server technology
Check Vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities and security checks are run to ensure that web application in question can withstand basic security attacks and vulnerability exploits.
Check Resource Requirements This check determines with the application that will be hosted fits within the desired hosting package.