Speed Testing Tool

What is the FullSail Systems Speed Tools Used for?

These tools have been created for clients to select the proper data center for the main location. These tests do not represent the actual loading times for the end-user (web application visitor) speed, but the client speed which is specific to FTP/FTPs and other uploading / downloading tasks.

How do I read the FullSail Systems Speed Test?

These tests are directly linked to the data center the visitor has selected. Below you can find a screenshot of such a test:

The idea of these results are to optimize your data center location selection to save you time during upload and other various tasks

The test is broken down into multiple sections:

Indicator Description
Download This indicates how fast our data centers can deliver content to your location (in Mbps).
Upload This indicates how fast our data center can receive data from your location (in Mbps).
Ping This measures the time it takes your location to receive a response from our Data Center. We like to see times less than 200ms.
Jitter What is the (packet) delay. Jitter is measuring the time difference in packet inter-arrival time. We like to see less than 40ms.

This information can also be found directly on the tool for ease-of-use

The image below is the section of the tool that gives you the advanced instructions of the tool and how to read and analyze the data:

How do I change Data Center locations?

To change data center locations you can simply navigate on the tool to the section "SERVERS / DATA CENTERS". This section will allow you to connect directly to another data center (shown below)

In this section, you will also find Current Server Response Time This information shows you the response time from "data center to data center" - not your current location connected to the data center.

IMPORTANT: These numbers show you raw data that is not enhanced with any of our optimization features. This is used for clients who may be considering Load Balance setups or have multiple language sites with multiple offices located globally whereas the transfer of data from server to server might be required.