Onboarding FAQs

What does Onboarding mean at FullSail Systems?

After you provided your web presence to us via https://onboarding.fullsailsystems.com/ we are analyzing the technical foundation in order to derive the best technical "recipe" which allows your web presence to perform at its best. That is one of the key activities to ensure that our servers can do for you what they are best at: deliver high-performance.

At FullSail Systems we ensure with the onboarding that the required settings are being made. Here is an excerpt about some things we check and to make you understand that this is needed: What CMS technology are you using (WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal)? What programming languages are in place (PHP, JSP, HTML, Python, Ruby, JavaScipt, etc.)? What other technical resources do you rely on (Ajax, Apache, MySQL, JQuery, SOAPUI, ASP)?

When does the Onboarding Period Start?

Your onboarding process starts after you have uploaded your digital assets from your web presence onto our FSS data transfer system.

Can I skip the Onboarding Process?

Yes, you can. However, you'll miss a great opportunity and support. This process has been developed to fine-tune your web presence for the perfect fit. In any case, your web application will undergo our standard vetting process. For information regarding this process please visit our Resource Center - Topic Vetting Process

Why 6-month commitment is required for the Onboarding Process

We require this commitment because of the process and tasks required to get your web application running to FSS standards. We will also adjust the web application during this time frame to ensure that clients are getting every advantage possible.

What happens if FullSail finds a crucial design flaw in the current version of my web presence?

We let you know what needs to be done and after you've implemented the changes we will put you online. But be assured: We are strict on security but also fair. We always found a joint solution which helps all parties.

What happens to my data in the unrealistic case that the onboarding is not successful?

FullSail Systems is generally respecting the EU data regulations which are one of the most restrictive in the world. So you can be sure that we don't misuse your data. We will erase your data latest within 30 days after the onboarding period started.