Automated Scripting

What is Automated Scripting?

Automated Scripting is a complex term but in layman's terms is a code or series of code that automates a process.

What Processes do you automate?

We have a series of scripts that we deploy to our virtual servers depending on the package that has been purchased. These scripts run a host of processes that will optimize web applications and range from:

Minification of HTML/HTML5
Minification of CSS/CSS3
Minification of JavaScript
Map Generation
Search Engine Submissions
Local Backups of Virtual Server
Directory Submissions
Integration via API of GOOGLE/BING/MOZ
Cache Management
Keyword Density
Web Application Audits
Remote/offsite Backup of Virtual Server

Why is this import for to me?

This is important because it automates many processes that take valuable time to execute. It also executes these processes with very high accuracy taking human error out of the processes. These processes are vital to running a successful web application from different perspectives.

Those scripts ensure e.g. real-time bandwidth reduction for your website visitors and by this enable a faster loading or it automates backups to avoid data losses or regularly reviews your site to create potential performance improvement reports.