Step 2: Onboarding Doc

Step 2: Onboarding Questionaire (or Documentation)

By now you should have an account with a login to This again is required to complete the onboarding process. We would need you as the web application owner to fill out the Onboarding Questionaire (or documentation) since it contains important information for us to begin with the onboarding process.

You might be surprised about some questions but this information is required to prepare and execute the onboarding process for you. We will handle the information confidential and delete it after the final onboarding step has been done.

You have two options to complete this documentation:

Browser support for fillable PDF submissions is limited. To avoid filling out the form twice please save the document first and open in pdf application before filling out.

If you choose to use the downloadable pdf please be sure to click on submit at the end of the document to complete the sending process. Once the information is received and reviewed the onboarding team will reach out to you via the Email address you supplied in your documentation. This Email contains the access information to our data transferring system which finally triggers the technical onboarding. Please closely check also your spam folder during this time since sometimes the Email might be misrouted by your mail provider.
If you have misplaced this information please create a support ticket including your TDL/URL or email us at [email protected].