Welcome to Fullsail Systems Resource Center

Welcome to FullSail Systems Docs and Resource Center

Welcome to the FullSail Systems Resource Center (or /docs). In this system, you will find answers to your most important questions. We are always updating this system with the latest information so please be sure to check back frequently.

Getting Started

Who and what is FullSail Systems. Read more about what FullSail Systems offers to its clients.

Technical Resources

Technical information to answer basic questions about web hosting and how it applies to FullSail Systems as a whole.

Data Center Information

Full-service information about FullSail Systems Data Centers, Status Information, Maintenance Information

FullSail Systems Specific Resources

Answers for the most commonly asked questions can be found in the sections below.

Resource Item Description
Hosting Packages Covering the specifications of all of our hosting packages.
Account Information Client information and specifics for client accounts.
Onboarding Everything you need to know about the onboarding process.

FSS External Resources

Need support, updates, system specific real-time information, visit the information below.

Resource Item Description
MyFSS FSS Client Login
On-boarding Process Onboarding System for New Clients
Tech Updates Latest releases from FullSail Systems
FSS Network Status (Real-Time) Current Status at FullSail Systems
Support Tickets Center Portal to submit a support tickets

FSS Data Center Testing

Find the right server location for you To for more information about why this is important please review Data Center Speed Tests.

Resource Item Description
ALPHA Munich, Germany (Development)
DELTA London, England (Production)
GAMMA New York, USA (Production)
KAPPA Currently Unavailable
SIGMA Singapore (Production)
THETA Frankfurt, Germany (Production)
ZETA San Francisco, USA (Production)