Topic: Onboarding

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  • What does "onboarding" mean at FSS?

    After you provided your web presence to us via we are analyzing the technical foundation in order to derive the best technical "recipe" which allows your web presence to perform at its best. That is one of the key activities to ensure that our servers can do for you what they are best at: deliver high-performance.

    At FullSail Systems we ensure with the onboarding that the required settings are being made. Here is an excerpt about some things we check and to make you understand that this is needed: What CMS technology are you using (WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal)? What programming languages are in place (PHP, JSP, HTML, Python, Ruby, JavaScipt, etc.)? What other technical resources do you rely on (Ajax, Apache,MySQL, JQuery, SOAPUI, ASP)?

    What external technical resources are you using? See more details in our Resource center - Onboarding Process

  • When does the onboarding period start?

    Your onboarding process starts after you uploaded your digital assets of your web presence onto our FSS data transfer system. For more information look into our Resource center at Onboarding Process

  • Can I skip the onboarding at FSS?

    Yes, you can.
    However, you'll miss a great opportunity and support. This process has been developed to fine-tune your web presence for the perfect fit. In any case, your web application will undergo our standard vetting process. For information regarding this process please visit our Resource Center - Topic Vetting Process

Topic: Invoicing

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  • How do you invoice? What's your payment scheme?

    We invoice monthly in advance of the month you are starting. Your first invoice will be calculated on a pro rata basis which means you pay for the exact number of days remaining in the current month.

    For more details please visit our Resource Center - Topic Payments & Billing

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    Currently, we accept payment via credit card - bank card (Visa / MasterCard / American Express / Discover), Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and by request Bank Transfers for European Clients.

Topic: Orders

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  • Has my order been placed correctly?

    After you have reserved your virtual server (placed order) with FullSail Systems you will receive a series of emails consisting of order confirmation & receipt and onboarding instructions. Please keep in mind that FullSail Systems vets all new clients before virtual servers will be released. For more information about the vetting process please visit our resource center - topic Vetting Process

    It can take up to 1 hour for you to receive these emails (please remember to check your spam folder). If after an hour you have not received any of these emails please contact us and one of our team members will be able to assist.

    For more information about the ordering process please visit our Resource Center - topic: Account Information

  • Can I change the product plan after ordering or after grewing with FullSail Systems?

    Absolutely. We allow plans to be increased and decreased to match your growth. For additional details of adjusting an existing account please visit our Resource Center - Topic: Upgrading / Downgrading

Topic: Termination

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  • What is the termination period?

    If you have a new contract with FullSail Systems and have opted in for the Onboarding Process you may terminate your contract after the first 6 months.

    If you are a current client past the 6-month mark, you may terminate your contract via Email "Write Notice of Termination". Your termination period will last till the end of the month unless you submit after the 15th of the month which will extend your termination period to the following month for a maximum of 6 weeks.

    For more information about the termination of an existing contract please visit our Resource Center - Topic Contract Termination

  • Why do I need to stay 6 months with you initially?

    If you elect to use our onboarding process (which ensures the best performance) a 6-month commitment is required. The reason for this because it takes quite some effort to complete and the positive results can take some time as we wait for major search engines and user engagement feedback.

    We are confident that FullSail Systems will surpass your expectations. We strive to build sustainable relationships so please contact us with any concerns you might have, we are more than happy to assist.