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*These results are presented in real time updated ever 1.5 seconds.
**Results vary based on visitor equipment being used.


For many sites this equates to a huge missed opportunity, especially when more than half of visits are abandoned if a mobile page takes over 3 seconds to load.

So Why is Speed Important

Online success in large comes from gaining visits.

Without visitors, your web presence will have a rather difficult time becoming successful as your message will not be heard.

A large portion of these visits come from search results, so being found, but more importantly, visitors retention in the form of visitor retention is critical.

It is so important that Google has specifically stated:
“When real users have a slow experience on mobile, they're much less likely to find what they are looking for or purchase from you in the future.*”

*Cited from article "https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2018/07/search-ads-speed"

How Do We Stack-up?

All of the information here is taken live from publicly available servers.

So how does FullSail Systems High-performance hosting platform stack-up against other providers?

Below we have done the work to show you.

*These results are presented in real time updated ever 1.5 seconds.
**Results vary based on visitor equipment being used.
***Providers Server information has been directly referenced for their public webpage

High-Performance Hosting is right around the corner!

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Delivering the user experience you have planned for.

Don't settle for guessing or hoping your site is running at its full potential.
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